What Can Thermal Imaging Do for you?

Reduce Risk

Monitoring electrical connections with thermal imaging can accurately evaluate potential problems and allow you to take pre-emptive action to manage those problems without failure.

Decrease Downtime

Any downtime from an outage can generate substantial financial losses. Infrared can be used successfully to check for electrical problems that could potentially cause downtime.

Improve Safety

Infrared technology can locate faulty components, poor connections, contamination, corrosion and load imbalances that can potentially lead to a safety hazard.

Why have a survey done in your facility?

  • Meets insurance requirements
  • Identify loose connections, faulty devices, and overloaded circuits before they damage your system.
  • Increase machine reliability/reduce down time due to electrical issues.
  • Prevent electrical fires, increase safety, reduce the risk of emergency shut downs.
  • Reduce repair and maintenance costs by knowing where to invest.
  • Quality assurance of new installations and machinery.

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